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19th June 2009, 13:53
Telegraph Toughie No.166

Clue: Mischievous song about male with no experience. Answer: Armchair.

I can see the breakdown of arch (mischievous) m for male and air for song. But why is no experience a clue for armchair?
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19th June 2009, 13:56
an armchair expert is one who has no on hand experience (ie most likely gleaned from Tv etc)
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19th June 2009, 14:01
I'm guessing, but I think Armchair theatre for intance, would be a production put on by someone with no experience, except watching.
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19th June 2009, 16:06
I think mamya's right -- with particular reference to sport, i.e., someone who knows all about a game, but doesn't actually play it.

Trevor, Armchair Theatre referred specifically to televised drama, therefore, a theatrical performance that you watched from the comfort of your own armchair.
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19th June 2009, 16:27
oops, I should have checked 1st (especially as it was a guess).

sorry and thanks to all.
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