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15th June 2009, 16:58
10d Quickly goes with man,not 'omo,her(in italics)
fellow cast member? (9) I have TEARSHEET I can see TEARS+HE but the ET? Can anybody throw light on this one.
Thanks all
p.s.5d v funny clue and answer
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15th June 2009, 17:04
From memory, there are two Shakespearean characters called Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet. Can't remember which play, but I think Falstaff was involved!
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15th June 2009, 17:06
Sorry, 'xx' was me just experimenting to see if I actually need to enter all my details each time. Apparently not!
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15th June 2009, 17:29
Hi Bullfrog,
Thank you for that,I had no idea about the Falstaff
connexion,they are characters from Henry V pt2
Best regards,
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15th June 2009, 23:15
If you'll forgive a slight correction, Jerry, Flastaff and Quickly appear in Henry V,during which Quickly dies of VD ('the French malady') while Tearsheet is only mentioned in passing as being in the hospital, but all 3 characters actually appear in Henry IV part 2:

Sir John Falstaff - Usually called Falstaff but sometimes called Jack. A fat, cheerful, witty, aging criminal, he has long been Prince Hal's mentor and close friend. He pretended to have killed Hotspur at the Battle of Shrewsbury, and Prince Hal--the actual killer--agreed to go along with the lie. For this reason, everyone gives Falstaff much more respect than he deserves.

Mistress Quickly (the Hostess) - Proprietor of the seedy Boar's Head Tavern in Eastcheap, London. She has a dim wit but a good heart.

Doll Tearsheet - Falstaff's favorite prostitute and a good friend of Mistress Quickly. She has a bottomless repertoire of insults and seems to be both fiercer and smarter than most of the law officers hanging around Eastcheap. She may be in love with Falstaff.


Yours in pedantry,

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15th June 2009, 23:20
Sorry me old mate,I missed the I in IV. You sound
like a person who notices a misplaced apostrophe,
somebody after my own heart!
Thanks and best wishes,
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16th June 2009, 09:44
Don't get me started on apostrophes!

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