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14th June 2009, 09:20
Help Please stuck on 21A
Heard Freeman had something to eat(6)
Also I have RAMP for 4d but can't see why
Be Inclined to swindle I dont understand the swindle part.
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mike b

14th June 2009, 09:47
21a is BURGER (sounds like burgher = freeman)

One of the defintions for 'ramp' in Chambers is 'swindle'
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14th June 2009, 11:43
Ramp is a swindle particularly used when you ramp up the share price on the stock market to reap benefits there from.
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14th June 2009, 13:33
Many Thanks Mike B and Robert.
I had a letter wrong in 17 down which threw me
all finished now
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