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11th June 2009, 19:53
So far, I've not had need of the new site for Mail answers but I still need a hand with some explanations...

"Goods carried about on old Greek ship" = 'cargo'. I can see the GO but not the CAR.

Many thanks
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11th June 2009, 19:55
Hi Pooksahib.

The explanation, I think, is C (circa/about) + ARGO (old Greek ship - think Jason & the Argonauts).

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11th June 2009, 19:58
definition = Goods carried
C = about
Argo = old Greek ship (jason + the Argo(nauts), for example)
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11th June 2009, 20:28
Thanks lads. I used to love that Ray Harryhausen stuff as a kid...
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