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28th May 2009, 14:52
hello! i am suck on a stinker-i've tried almost anything to get this is the clue;"decorative porcelain",and the pattern goes;s?e?d?n/china.any answer to this,very welcome,cheery-o!,krisstoff.
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28th May 2009, 14:59
Hi Krisstoff.

DRESDEN CHINA fits the clue (but not all your letters). There may be a better answer that does fit your letters.

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28th May 2009, 15:12
thanx,jimc. i can alter that beginning letter that crosses it-confusion-london press crossword compilers can seem on another planet sometimes.whoever said that people in england were all the same,is very mistaken-i've lost count of how many times i've been misunderstood by types living outside the north.cheers again,krisstoff.
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