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24th May 2009, 22:25
Anybody got help for q.10?
"A snowball, for instance, could land on this ship....." (7)
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john (from arran)

24th May 2009, 23:04
Have a look back through the archives. Almost all of the answers to this quiz can be found. Unfortunately, due to some bad etiquette, many of the threads are simply titled 'Cryptic' or similar.

Oh, and think of a 'Snowball' as a cocktail and what you might put it on.
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24th May 2009, 23:18
Thanks! Still can\'t work it out, though...
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24th May 2009, 23:47
Hi John(from Arran),

How far should one be expected to trawl back through the old posts here, especially if, as you say, bad etiquette has made most of them impossible to find.

If you know the answer, then why not give the answer?

ps. is it Titanic ? (on the ice)
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the joker

25th May 2009, 00:02
Hi Trevor
I think that your answer of Titanic is almost as humerous as Bob your mothers pet hamster. I am not as cruel as you ,so feel I must give the answer as coaster. Hope you don't mind.
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25th May 2009, 12:47
Thanks. One left! Any clues for q.81? "This production is set for dispatch in the long run" (3,9)
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26th May 2009, 06:59
q.81 The Mousetrap
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