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19th May 2009, 20:42
Almost finished but stuck (at least better than stuck and haven't started !).

When there's only 1 letter to go it is somewhat frustrating.

7d Course identified with old pro (4)

I have R_AD.

ROAD comes to mind as being a 'course', but where does 'old pro' come into it ?

Then again, one can READ a course at college and perhaps the reference is to an old Professor.

Will be grateful for any help.

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19th May 2009, 21:00
I would guess Road as all the Road movies starred Bob Hope who was a keen golfer but as you say is ambiguous
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the alchemist

19th May 2009, 22:05
Two definitions of ROAD in Chambers are "course" and "a prostitute (Shakesp)"
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19th May 2009, 22:10
Coo you live and learn eh ?
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19th May 2009, 23:45
Many thanks to both of and particularly to The Alchemist !

I never thought to look up such a simple word as ROAD in Chambers - now I know better ! Of course, 'old' was the key indicator as it invariably refers to an archaic usage.

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