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19th May 2009, 11:28
Hi all. who wrote the original words to Two Little Boys had two little toys.
I know it wasnt Rolf Harris as my grandmother used to sing this to my mum (before the war. as she is 85.) She thinks it was one the famouse poets. Many thanks shees driving me crazy to find the answer. Ive tried google etc.
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19th May 2009, 11:32
Not sure how good you are at googling
but I just put "two little boys" like that and found it straight away

Two Little Boys" is a song written by American composer Theodore Morse and lyricist Edward Madden. It was written in 1902 and became a popular music hall song of the time, made popular by Harry Lauder. It describes the story of two boys who grow up to fight in the American Civil War.
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19th May 2009, 11:54
mystery gal. what a star!! sorry.I asked question at top of msn today page not google. just done it again same. tried google an sure enough there it was!!.will phone mum now and tell her, what a relief. she asks me the oddest questions since ive had my computer. but can be forgiven given her age(85)thanks again
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