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17th May 2009, 17:54
The rain kept me in today and so I tackled this week's Mephisto earlier than usual.

Completed now and, in my opinion, easier than normal so it might be be a good one to try if you've wondered what a Sunday Times Mephisto is all about.

I think 20d should be marked as two words.

Can try to help if required.

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17th May 2009, 21:02
Hi Jim,

I'm afraid the bad weather resulted in a day's decorating for me ! Even so, I have also completed this and much faster than usual. It seemed easier than many a broadsheet daily cryptic, which is a first in my (limited) Mephisto experience.

Oh well, more time for the Azed I suppose !

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19th May 2009, 14:14
JimC and Alan,
Thanks guys. I've just managed to finish a Mephisto for the first time ever and without any help. For me that is amazing because a few weeks ago I couldn't even get one clue. It just shows anything is possible with a bit of help from yourselves, Jerry, Caravaggio, Bob, John (from Arran) and anyone else I've forgotten about who contributes to answers for this crossword. I'll probably be back to square one next week if it goes back to the normal degree of difficulty.
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19th May 2009, 14:23
Congratulations KenA!

I expect there will be a rebound and it will be virtually undoable sometime soon, hopefully not next week.

At a rough count, I think there were an unprecedented (for me) more-than 20 answers in number 2542 that I didn't have to look up in the dictionary (although I did look some of them up anyway, to confirm).

I think that Jerry has been our leading light with the Mephisto here, so mucho thanks to him!

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19th May 2009, 15:46
Well Gentlemen and Ladies of the Mephisto circle,
Thank you for the compliments,I have been away
for a couple of days,I had half done on Sunday and
finished it off when I got back today. I must
agree with you all that it is the easiest one I
have ever seen.
Best wishes to you all,
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