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10th May 2009, 14:40
Stuck on three - No:7. Type of bell that could store music.(10)
No: 53. Force apple into pan. (8,6)
No:60. Gentle television programme gets flatter. (4,4)

Any clues please?
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john (from arran)

10th May 2009, 14:52
7. Is a kind of bell that flowers rather than rings and is also a music stool.

53. The first word is a synonym for force and the second is the sort of apple that is a Bramley. The whole thing is a pan that cooks food a bit faster than usual. You may not have one yourself, but your mother almost certainly would have.

60. The first word is a synonym for gentle and the second is a type of TV programme like Eastenders or Corrie. The whole phrase means "to flatter" rather than "make flatter".
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10th May 2009, 15:00
Thank you very much John. I think I've got them now. So obvious when you know how!!
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