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1st May 2009, 13:39
Fatal error - thought I'd double check my answers and am 2nd guessing myself! Aaarrrggghhh!

I've got Tony McCoy down for 14. (Rider...) as part of the horse racing theme in 15 and McCoy being a line of antique furniture, but am I being too clever when an anagram of rider is Drier, as in possibly Hair Drier?!?
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1st May 2009, 14:24
Defintel;y being too clever, the rest of the clue says "no need to get on line", e.g. washing line, so if it's "drier" with washing........... If you're still not sure, ask the wife, always assuming the divorce papers haven't been presented yet!
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1st May 2009, 15:34
Hehehe... yeah, probably best not ask her any more of this quiz's questions! My coats on a loose peg as it is! Thanks again for that... I hadn't even noticed that it was 'on line' rather than 'online'. Lets just say my heads, erm, spinning with it all!

Officially putting it to rest, cheque signed and envelope sealed... with superglue!


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