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30th April 2009, 10:19
Please help me before the men in suits at my door take me away in a 'special jacket'! Down to the last few and my wife has already started packing her bags so need to put this to rest before its too late! Can't see them on previous threads so paranoid I'm the only one struggling with them...

21. Censure Jack finally. At the end of the day he was a shirker! (6,6) - My searching keeps coming up with various fish!

23. Act entertainer developed with good dramatist who devised this seating plan (8,6) - Thinking its an anangram of 'actentertainer' but can't get anything.

39. Dual purpose implement for having meat on the Sabbath (5) - brain dead on this one

46. Ray came into the parish, produced a show - and had a ball! (9) - Thinking 'Lightbulb', ray, ball etc. Can't seem to justify the rest of the clue though.

51. Early colonists hit the old kookaburra (8,5) - Can't seem to find any reference to an old name for the kookaburra/kingfisher that has Pilgrims, pioneers, migrants or settlers in it!

66. I wondered about getting cover for my retirement (9) - Not even an incling for this one.

71. Man's meeting-place sounds secure (5,2,4) - or this one.

I'm just glad I'm not dreaming about Shakespearean wigs anymore... but then that's probably because I'm not actually going to bed, just trawling my dictionary, thesaurus and wikipedia 24/7!

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30th April 2009, 10:29
You sound as though you need answers now, so here goes.
21. Carpet Knight
23. Separate tables
39. Spork
46. Hairspray
51. Bushmans clock
66. Eiderdown
71. House of keys

Best of luck
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john (from arran)

30th April 2009, 11:08
Hmmmm, campanillac sounds like a wonderful new flavour of milk-shake. ;-)

Anyway, I digress, my solution for 51 was SETTLERS CLOCK. Pick any one of two!
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30th April 2009, 12:40
See what happens when you have a deskful of work you need to clear up as tomorrow is a fiesta and you would much rather be doing something else? Quite like the name though, just may adopt it. I had both names at first but then I just googled bushman'c clock and every reference mentioned the kookaburra, so that's the one I went for, but I did think that either one could be equally valid, just depends really on which one the question master found when setting the quiz. Best of luck with it anyway.
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30th April 2009, 12:46
Thanks, you're a life (and mind) saver! Just a few queries though...

21. I get in now from the def'n and see where the initials C.K. and 'night' bits come from, but where does the 'arpet' come from?

39. Now that my direction of thought is on the right track, I don't think 'SPORK' works as you wouldn't be able to cut your Sunday Roast with a spoon/fork combo ie you'd need a knife/fork combo which I see from a bit of goggling is a 'KNORK'. What do you all think? The pic on this website has me convinced...

Thanks for the multiple answers on 51. I still can't find any reference anywhere to either being a nickname for the bird. A bit of googling makes me lean toward the Bushman's version though, John(from Arran): see

Can't believe I couldn't see the anagrams in 46 &66 - shows how burned out I am with it all, and I don't think I'd ever have got the Isle of Man reference!
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30th April 2009, 12:53
Ah yes, I see the Kookaburra reference now

Calls it both the Settler's and Bushman's Clock. But I've used up my 50/50 (spork/knork), Phone a Friend (Post Thread on Crossword Help Forum) and Ask the Audience cards (annoyed everybody I know and am in any way related to with it all). How's a guy to decide?!?
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30th April 2009, 12:55
Still think I'm gonna go with Bushmans, as I can't find any actual clock called a Settlers.
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john (from arran)

30th April 2009, 13:11
Censure = CARPET, Jack finally = K & at the end of the day = NIGHT.

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john (from arran)

30th April 2009, 13:13
Sabbath = S & Meat = PORK

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30th April 2009, 13:14
Ah yeah. Didn't see Carpet as a synonym for Censure and was taking the last letters of Jack as the initials for the answer C.K.

Any thoughts on the SPORK/KNORK?
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