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rufina stephenson

27th April 2009, 00:24
Clue: Something on the water, deep purple hit about a disrupted recording session. ?E?K?

(I know this is probably idiotically simple, but its past
midnight and my brain has turned into a pumpkin,)

Thanks Rufina
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27th April 2009, 00:34
Hi Rufina, are you sure the letters are right?

If it's Deep Purple it should be Smoke on the water.
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27th April 2009, 00:36
Rufina: Dunno, but FENKS is whale blubber used in the making of Prussian blue
and DECK-S (hit)
Good luck, can`t help further.
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big dave

27th April 2009, 01:16

See here and click "Mail Solution"

Smoke on the Water was too good an answer to be wrong!
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