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26th April 2009, 14:43
6a Teaching work skills in education (13). I think it starts with p and ends with m.
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26th April 2009, 17:02
I'm also stuck with 9d stretched to excess; exaggerated (12) and 14a connect to one another (17) and 17a former hair preparation (8,3). I'd be grateful for any help but have all the rest if anyone needs them in return.
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26th April 2009, 19:23
Hi Brownowl.

9d might be OVEREXTENDED and 14a might be INTERCOMMUNICATED and 17a some sort of GEL?

Best Wishes.
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26th April 2009, 19:29
JimC, a former hair preparation suggests that it isn't used now, which gel is a relatively new invention. How about macassar oil? Would that fit with the other clues?
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26th April 2009, 19:33
hi brownowl. I had originally put in 'precipitously' which turned out to be 'vertiginously'. this gave me 'vocationalism' for the other.
good luck.
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geordie kermit

27th April 2009, 12:10

and I haven't got the paper here....but wasn't it INTERRELATED ?
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27th April 2009, 13:10
Thanks everybody,now complete, but couldn'd have done without your help this week mainly because I'd gone down the road precipitously!
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27th April 2009, 23:03
Being "Precipitous" is unwise for a Brown Owl !
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