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alf nw4

1st September 2008, 19:34

Clue to 20 down is Type of French White Wine . The clue gives 8 letters and I have s?n?e?l?'

The Clues across are 19 across Political Killer (8 letters) for which I have Assassin;26 - Not continuous (12 letters) which I have completed as Intermittent which seems to fit in with the relative down clues.

30 Across clue Period after the fall of the Roman Empire 2 words each of 4 letters. I have Dark Ages as my solution.

Final Across clue 35 Area of uncultivated hills (8) letters. My solution Lowlands.

Can any person out there help me to solve 20 Down?

Here's hoping.

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1st September 2008, 19:42
20 down is SANCERRE; 35 across should be MOORLAND
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alf nw4

2nd September 2008, 06:15
C.J my grateful Thanks for this help

Alf NW4
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