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23rd April 2009, 22:06
A quick question for a very generous person. I have 2 answers for No.28, one begins with C, the other T. Why should I favour one more than the other? I thought No. 33 was brilliant because I could find THREE answers that fitted. And could you please steer me to CLUES to No.13 (is it a synonym for BAR?), No. 40. (is there an anagram there?) No. 51, does the first word start with P? No. 67 Is there an anagram there? No 72, is it a synonym for TICK? and lastly does No 95 have SMOKING in it?
Many thanks if you`re able to help, Tina
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23rd April 2009, 22:15

Whatever you do, don't call her man. Initialy, Just I made Boob.
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23rd April 2009, 22:43
That`s OK Billy, I read your little exchange and I thought you acquitted yourself very logically.
(Goes away, humming, Where have you been all the day BillyBoy, BillBoy)
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23rd April 2009, 23:05

With a voice like that your surname must be Turner?
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23rd April 2009, 23:12
Ho, ho Billboy, we have a joker amongst us. No offence was taken, don't worry son. That wasn't age related, by the way!!

OK, Tina, these are the answers that I have (or clues for, whichever you prefer)

28. Starts with "t", someone who tries out something would be a .....
33. If you have the answer, which I think you do, I put toast rack because Rainbow never repeat words in a quiz and the other one that some people came up with used a word that had already appeared. If that makes sense to you?
13. The answer uses the initials of two words in the clue plus an 'a' and what a bar could be made of.
40. Is a straight anagram.
51. No, it doesn't start with 'p'. Think of who were in Australia before settlers or colonoists got there and how they would get up in the morning. You'll find it in the dictionary.
67. Is not an anagram. It starts with "in" as in the clue and the whole word means unappreciative people. The word is to do with fires.
72. It is not a synonym for tick, although years ago they were sometimes referred to as tick..... Think of a university degree, plus a word for hair and put a double letter at the beginning of this word. (if you go back a few threads I think JimB had a good explanation for it.
95. No, nothing to do with smoking. Forget fish of any kind, Think of another kind for kipper and which room they would be in, the second half of the word means "cavity".

Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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24th April 2009, 07:45

Campanilla, many, many thanks for your detailed explanations and I`m working on them now. I`ve already seen the error of my ways in 2 of them. Good luck to you, too.

Billy, not QUITE right, but good try! Good luck to you, also.
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