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23rd April 2009, 18:35
Thanks for previous clues - solved at last.
Am still stuck on following;-
70 Contrary to how she appears she still brings food round.
80. The man who created the cocktail party made these rooms for one.
90. Grants prison break meant that he was dependent on his mother.
92. The film was transparent - althogh there was one hitch in it.

All help gratefully received.
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john (from arran again)

23rd April 2009, 18:49
70. A lady bring round the food would be busy but one who refused to do that and just spent her time sitting down would be something else. That lady would laso have a first name.

80. "The Cocktail Party" is a play by a famous author. Make something out of that name.

90. "Grants Prison" is broken to make the amswer to this one.

92. Think of a "Hitch" connected with film and a cameo appearance. Then look for a title.
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