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24th April 2009, 00:01
only joking campanilla, it's me, trevor
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24th April 2009, 00:06
Hi John (back in Arran) Where have you been?

I can only give you the clues for the words I have got, but here goes.

14. I's an anagram and the whole is to do with washing.
46. Another anagram of two words in the clue and a "Production" refers to a musical.
60. Think of another word for "gentle" and a word used on the tele for Coronation St., Eastenders etc.
75. To sow + an an anagram.
88. Think of a flag you could use with a word in the clue and a man who broke a long standing record many yeas ago.

Hope these help.
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24th April 2009, 00:29
Ooops, sorry, missed 89.

Not so easy to give a clue. The answer is a word for a cabinet. Clue hmmm. "Nearly everyone" is "nearly ..", the first letter of the month plus another word for "lock" which has nothing to do with keys, and this word is made into an anagram. If you can get the first three letters you will probably be able to find it in the dictionary.

That's how I did it but maybe someone else has a better clue to give you for this one.

Best of luck
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24th April 2009, 16:46
Downloaded this quiz, shouldn't be hard to do as most of the answers appear here.

Don't let on to the AB ers!
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john (from arran)

24th April 2009, 17:01
Thanks Campanilla, just the help I needed. All done now. We were away in the Outer Hebrides for ten days, crossing to Barra from Oban and then driving up to Stornoway and crossing back to Ullapool. Our oldest was working in Stornoway hospital for six weeks and last weekend was the end of his time so we went up to meet him. Apart from a couple of damp mornings earlier this week we had ten days unboken sunshine. Quite rare for April in Scotland, however they do say that the sun shines on the righteous! ;-)

Time to post off the completed form and a nice big donation for all the fun I have had doing this quiz. This is the first time that I have seen the Rainbow Quiz and am looking forward to September when the next one comes out.
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24th April 2009, 18:06
Hi John (from Arran), sounds like a fantastic trip. I've been to Scotland a couple of times although never that far and I remember that both times the weather was brilliant, so that makes at least two of us righteous. What I do remember really well was the taste of tablet, Moffatt toffee and potato scones....... not necessarily all at the same time!
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29th April 2009, 23:32
Hi guys (and gals)... can somebody explain how you got to wooden spoon from the clue please, other than the prize for 'coming last'?
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29th April 2009, 23:43
inhibited - wooden
carry on in a sentimental way - spoon
coming last - wooden spoon
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30th April 2009, 08:56
Ah, I see. Couldn't get my mind away from mourning for carrying on in sentimental way! Cheers,

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