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  1. the particular preference that you have; "it was his last wish"; "they should respect the wishes of the people"
  2. invoke upon; "wish you a nice evening"; "bid farewell"
  3. (usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone's welfare; "give him my kind regards"; "my best wishes"
  4. order politely; express a wish for
  5. an expression of some desire or inclination; "I could tell that it was his wish that the guests leave"; "his crying was an indirect request for attention"
  6. make or express a wish; "I wish that Christmas were over"
  7. a specific feeling of desire; "he got his wish"; "he was above all wishing and desire"
  8. hope for; have a wish; "I wish I could go home now"
  9. feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of
  10. prefer or wish to do something;

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