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  1. make available; "This opens up new possibilities"
  2. become available; "an opportunity opened up"
  3. make the opening move; "Kasparov opened with a standard opening"
  4. made open or clear; "the newly opened road"
  5. cause to open or to become open; "Mary opened the car door"
  6. used of mouth or eyes; "keep your eyes open"; "his mouth slightly opened"
  7. become open; "The door opened"
  8. not sealed or having been unsealed; "the letter was already open"; "the opened package lay on the table"
  9. spread out or open from a closed or folded state; "open the map"; "spread your arms"
  10. display the contents of a file or start an application as on a computer
  11. afford access to; "the door opens to the patio"; "The French doors give onto a terrace"
  12. begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.; "He opened the meeting with a long speech"
  13. start to operate or function or cause to start operatin

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