Substitute - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Substitute.

  1. artificial and inferior; "ersatz coffee"; "substitute coffee"
  2. Being an imitation or a substitute, usually an inferior one; artificial: ersatz coffee made mostly of chicory
  3. an artificial or inferior substitute or imitation
  1. change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence
  2. exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category; "Could you convert my dollars into pounds?"; "He changed his name"; "convert centimeters into inches"; "convert holdings into shares"
  3. exchange a penalty for a less severe one
  4. give to, and receive from, one another; "Would you change places with me?"; "We have been exchanging letters for a year"
  5. put in the place of another; switch seemingly equivalent items; "the con artist replaced the original with a fake Rembrandt"; "substitute regular milk with fat-free milk"; "synonyms can be interchanged without a changing the context's meaning"
  6. (chess) the capture by both players (usually on consecutive moves) of pieces of equal value; "the endgame began after the exchange of queens"
  7. hand over one and receive another, approximately equivalent; "exchange prisoners"; "exchange employees between branches of the c
  1. a power of attorney document given by shareholders of a corporation authorizing a specific vote on their behalf at a corporate meeting
  2. a person authorized to act for another
  1. the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water
  2. dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes
  3. wash thoroughly; "surgeons must scrub prior to an operation"
  4. clean with hard rubbing; "She scrubbed his back"
  5. postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled; "Call off the engagement"; "cancel the dinner party"; "we had to scrub our vacation plans"; "scratch that meeting--the chair is ill"
  6. (of domestic animals) not selectively bred
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