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  1. bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent
  2. of verbs; relating to forms of the verb that are limited in time by a tense and (usually) show agreement with number and person
  1. make more specific; "qualify these remarks"
  2. the lowest level of official classification for documents
  3. place limits on (extent or access); "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"
  4. restricted in meaning; (as e.g. `man' in `a tall man')
  5. place restrictions on; "curtail drinking in school"
  6. subject to restriction or subjected to restriction; "of restricted importance"
  7. place under restrictions; limit access to; "This substance is controlled"
  1. supply sparingly and with restricted quantities; "sting with the allowance"
  2. less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so; "a light pound"; "a scant cup of sugar"; "regularly gives short weight"
  3. limit in quality or quantity
  4. skimpy
  5. work hastily or carelessly; deal with inadequately and superficially
  1. deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand; "fresh vegetables were scarce during the drought"
  2. only a very short time before; "they could barely hear the speaker"; "we hardly knew them"; "just missed being hit"; "had scarcely rung the bell when the door flew open"; "would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats
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