Like a surrender flag - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Like a surrender flag.

  1. (of coffee) having cream or milk added
  2. the white part of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk consisting mainly of albumin dissolved in water; "she separated the whites from the yolks of several eggs"
  3. (of a surface) not written or printed on; "blank pages"; "fill in the blank spaces"; "a clean page"; "wide white margins"
  4. a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows southeastward through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri
  5. benevolent; without malicious intent; "that's white of you"
  6. a member of the Caucasoid race
  7. glowing white with heat; "white flames"; "a white-hot center of the fire"
  8. United States educator who in 1865 (with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president (1832-1918)
  9. restricted to whites only; "under segregation there were even white restrooms and white drinking fountains"; "a lily-white movement which would expel Ne
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