Insomniac - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Insomniac.

  1. euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb); "she was laid to rest beside her husband"; "they had to put their family pet to sleep"
  2. a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended; "he didn't get enough sleep last night"; "calm as a child in dreamless slumber"
  3. a torpid state resembling deep sleep
  4. a period of time spent sleeping; "he felt better after a little sleep"; "there wasn't time for a nap"
  5. be asleep
  6. be able to accommodate for sleeping; "This tent sleeps six people"
  1. always watchful; "to an eye like mine, a lidless watcher of the public weal"- Alfred Tennyson
  2. experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness; "insomniac old people"; "insomniac nights"; "lay sleepless all night"; "twenty watchful, weary, tedious nights"- Shakespeare
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