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  1. raise in rank or condition; "The new law lifted many people from poverty"
  2. raise from a lower to a higher position; "Raise your hands"; "Lift a load"
  3. give a promotion to or assign to a higher position; "John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; "Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; "I got promoted after many years of hard work"
  1. the property of being large in mass
  2. lift or elevate
  3. test the weight of something by lifting it
  1. cancel officially; "He revoked the ban on smoking"; "lift an embargo"; "vacate a death sentence"
  2. one of the layers forming the heel of a shoe or boot
  3. make audible; "He lifted a war whoop"
  4. a device worn in a shoe or boot to make the wearer look taller or to correct a shortened leg
  5. take (root crops) out of the ground; "lift potatoes"
  6. a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill
  7. fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means; "Food is airlifted into Bosnia"
  8. a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground
  9. raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help; "hoist the bicycle onto the roof of the car"
  10. the event of something being raised upward; "an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon"; "a raising of the land resulting from volcanic activity"
  11. take hold of something and move it to a different location; "lift the box onto the table"
  12. the compon
  1. cause to become alive again; "raise from the dead"; "Slavery is already dead, and cannot be resurrected"; "Upraising ghosts"
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