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Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Complex.

  1. entangled or hindered as if e.g. in mire; "the difficulties in which the question is involved"; "brilliant leadership mired in details and confusion"
  2. make complex or intricate or complicated; "The situation was rather involved"
  3. connected by participation or association or use; "we accomplished nothing, simply because of the large number of people involved"; "the problems involved"; "the involved muscles"; "I don't want to get involved"; "everyone involved in the bribery case has been identified"
  4. occupy or engage the interest of; "His story completely involved me during the entire afternoon"
  5. enveloped; "a castle involved in mist"; "the difficulties in which the question is involved"
  6. require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"; "Th
  1. complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost
  2. a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium
  3. maze
  1. resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity; "a labyrinthine network of tortuous footpaths"
  2. relating to or affecting or originating in the inner ear; "labyrinthine deafness"
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